Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Au bord de la mer

August is near! The middle of the summer. The six meters band is dying for this season. No major dxpeditions around, no spots on the sun. For now and then I will spend the time in my favorite beach bar relaxing, enjoying cold beer, eating light meals and swimming in fresh sea water. But bad habits can not be cut. The forgotten hand held got alive and keep me company again. I have to give reports to good old friends how things are going describing what is moving in the beach and finally invite them to join me. Actually you are all invited.


SV2DCD Leo said...

See you in 2 weeks George !! de SV2DCD Leo

Anonymous said...

Варез - качай всё бесплатно.

Anonymous said...

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Mark PA5MW said...

Oh Boy, I need a beach-DX-holiday desperately. White sand between my toes. Swimming in turqoise water. Drinking all kinds of beverages. Oh and some HF & 50Mhz antennas near the shore :)
73 Mark, PA5MW