Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hamradio 2008 part 2

The next day was dedicated to the surplus segment of Messe. It is a place of great interest for hams. We made several kilometers around the booths in three different huge buildings. I had a mission to find Gabi, HA1YA, to tell him a message from my friend Spiros, SV8CS. Fortunately it turned out not a difficult task. Gabi was a nice and very friendly guy besides he is a very efficient constructor of linears and transverters.
I show too much vintage stuff, but I could not buy many desirable things as I had to fly back home and so the baggage weight was limited. I restricted myself to small things like ferrites, connectors and the similar. Finally I could not resist the temptation to get the digital ICOM IC-92D. D-STAR is the name of the game. But this is an other post....

Plenty of Antennas
Fuel station
Me (left) and Gabi (right)
Flying over the Mont Blanc

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