Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Autumn activities

This is a photo that sent me my good friend SV8AXZ. Just a typical view from a ham’s window. But it tells everything about season, the island and hamship.
I am writing these lines with the hangover of CQ WW RTTY 2010 contest still prevailing in my ears. Too much traffic, too many dx stations, good propagation especially in 40m. I worked 25 states in this band. A lot of improvement since last year. I really enjoyed it. It seams that circle 24 is uprising for good, at last.
And now a big surprise! The veteran contester of our island SV8CS, the man who inspired all us to the ham spirit, send me this snap.
It is his i-phone, decoding a QSO of mine, during the contest. It takes the audio from his transceiver speaker. It can transmit also the same way. It uses a small program of IW2NDH called MULTIMODE. You can find it in the app store clicking here. No matter how SV8CS watches everything….