Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Who said that an expedition is an easy task?

17 Into Foveaux westerly

The boat of ZL9HR crew in rough seas. Actually they are safely anchored  right now south of Stewart island, waiting for the weather to calm down. It is obvious that it isn’t just a game. The thoughts of all of us are with them.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Autumn…time for DXing

Autumn is deeply established. The leaves are yellow, temperatures are lower and Greece is still alive. So do we! And very busy actually. PT0S is on the air, not as successfully as in previous expeditions, but conditions on the rocks are difficult and propagation rather poor. George and Thomas are doing their best as always.

campbellBut the big event of the year is coming next. I mean the major  expedition that  the whole amateur world is waiting anxiously. The 11th most wanted entity, Campbell island (ZL9HR), will be on the air quite soon. Tommy, VK2IR top of the team, reports that all preparations are under control and as scheduled. The expedition has been organized by Hellenic Amateur Radio Association Of Australia, known as H.A.R.A.O.A.


We wish them, with all our heart, ZL9HellenicRadio to be a great success.