Monday, November 22, 2010

Chasing Kermadec

To chase a rare dx  it is a very common thing for this station. Especially these days with so many helping tools in our disposal, it is a kind of  routine. But last Kermadec expedition has a particular interest for Greek amateur community: Vicky (SV2KBS) is a member of the team! I already spoke to her in 17m band. It is nice to hear a Greek voice coming so far away. Actually 18120 Km away! No matter what it is a really great expedition.  Propagation permitting they are going to a big success. Near 30000 QSO during the three first days of operation it is a guarantee for that.
I wish them all good luck and coming back with a record.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

DxNetManager- A very cool tool!

I was honored to be a beta tester of  new software that George Ross (SV2AGW) created lately.I play with  it  a couple of weeks  and I can definitely say that I love it. In the following lines I am just sharing with you my impressions of this cool program.
If you  used to participate a local network for rag chewing or an international one, chasing a DX station, this is the very tool you need. It will help you to manage all the traffic of stations that break in or leaving the frequency. It is very convenient especially if you deal with big groups.
Additionally there is a history tag in which DxNetManager  keeps statistical records for previous sessions of the net. So you can see how much participation a call has or when was it the last time he broke in. You will never forget names or other details for people who occasionally join the net. So you can address them always in a friendly way and that has a lot of fun. The software keeps detailed call database that you can update  continuously.
Doubtlessly you will love it too from the very beginning you will start using it. Finally it is freeware. Go here, download  and enjoy it.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Local real time weather added

A new addition to the blog. This is a real time local weather reading. There two links to click in the right side bar of the blog in order to watch a lot of details of local weather parameters.

These are just some examples of what you expect to see.



All these are made with the help of Cumulus, a very effective software of managing weather stations. Mine is a DAVIS Vantage PRO2 actually. So please enjoy.