Thursday, December 20, 2007


Just a few days before Xmas Holidays ARRL gave us a present. A new entity for the DXXC! And what is the name of the baby? St Barthelemy island with prefix FJ. The activation was immediate by OH2BH and OH0XX and the call FJ/OH2AM shows up. These old wolves knew better what would happen and they were ready.

But the question is how many entities are they now in the DXCC list? It seems that neither ARRL really knows yet. As you can see in this page extract ARRL gives two different numbers (337 and 338). What is the correct one? You have not to worry a lot about this. Make the contact and you will know later the answer.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Good news

I gave up with 6E4LM. No chance for me and most Europeans I think. It seems that these guys they have no idea for propagation patterns or they do not like to make QSO with EU. Sorry if I am so bitter but so many days on the air and I have never heard them. Fortunately check my old logs I found out that I have XF4 cfm from some previous expedition. So no big deal.

But the real good news is that I worked E4/OM2DX CW on 40m this morning. This is a real new one for me, and I worked them the real first day of operation. Of course they are in the neighborhood and that makes job quite easier. So now I have 325 countries, just 2 countries away of Honor roll. And 3D2AG/P, Rotuma, it is ante portas…I hope it will show up next days. By the way sun is waking up. December did not have a day without sunspots. It seems that 2008 will be a very interesting one. Happy New Year to every one!