Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Propagation is dying, dxing not....

As the 24th cycle  declines rapidly there is not much propagation left to revive the bands. And it will keep going that way for several years until the 25th cycle shows up. Under these difficult conditions two major dxpeditions are taking place right now: The number 4 (FT4JA ) and number 5 (VK0EK) of the most wanted countries in the clublog list.

 VK0EK (too much cold)
 Having them in the log is hard work, especially for VK0EK, but the job is done after all. In my opinion it will take a while to have such fun again. So dxers of the world enjoy!
FT4JA (too much heat)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

VP8STI-VP8SGI: The expedition of the year!

This is not just an other expedition. It is an epic adventure giving ham radio a clear positive feeling. After a lot of difficulties the first step of the expedition completed successfully. As I am writing these lines they are traveling to South Georgia for the second step. Our thoughts are with them. They suffer a lot to give to the rest of us the opportunity to work them  from our warms shacks. This is truly an extraordinary act and we all owe them full respect . So god bless you fearless children of Braveheart! Keep going...