Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Working FT5GA


They started badly. Lots of lids and idiots on their frequency mocking all the time the activities. It is going to be a tradition for major dxpeditions. People  complaining and nagging almost about everything. But by the time, things are going better. Even sun seams to help (SSN 26 today). Anyway there is plenty of time left and I am sure that finally many hams will have the chance to work them. Especially third week it will be much more easier. So stay cool guys. Save energy for the upcoming peditions. And don’t forget we have CQ WW RTTY contest this weekend.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

DX season started!

Writing these lines the FT5GA expedition has already started transmissions. I am back to main QTH again and so I am a little better organized for the occasion. Sorry if this post looks like a dx bulletin, but I will make with your permission a list of upcoming dxpedions. I have to notice that even I have already 330 current dx countries CFM, there are thee new ones among them!

1. FT5GA 15/09-8/10 GLORIOSO (

2. TX5SPA 28/09-12/10 AUSTRAL ( NEW ONE

3. TX5SPM 16/10-22/10 MARQUESAS ( NEW ONE

4. K4M 9/10-19/10 MIDWAY (

5. XR0Y 31/10-15/11 EASTER ( Greek member in the crew SV2KBS YL Victoria


FT5GA gang taken from their web page:

So I wish you all a good harvest!