Wednesday, November 19, 2008


This week end I joined the party of European PSK Club. I spent a nice time. Furthermore I never hid my love to digital modes. Even though the propagation was low, I made 500 qso mostly with EPC members and just a few dx. Spiros, SV8CS, just a couple of years ago, took the first place with 451 qso. But the situation has change since then. The members now are more than 5000 and I am afraid that my five hundred qso are not enough for a leading place. Any way I dad a lot of fun ruining the party. Among contacts were members from America Australia Japan and Africa. Well the club is spreading. Last year I had 400 qso but I unfortunately lost my log due to technical problems. Some people lost some points because of that and I feel sorry. But this time my log came safely to the contest manager. Long Live PSK!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Global Tuners

Global tuners is a well known site with receivers from all around the world that you can control through the internet. Recently, among the other receivers two Greek ones added. So you can find in the list SV2BWM and SV1BTL stations, available most of the time. In the picture you see the second one tuned in 15m, listening VQ9RD. Beyond the fun, using such a station it is an excellent tool chasing a DX, as you can check where it is heard in real time. Cluster does the same job but with much less fun regardless it does not say always the truth. I really cannot understand people who refuge using technology to extend their possibilities. It is so exciting.