Saturday, August 2, 2008

DV sequel

Well D-Star is a new toy. Recently Spiros, SV8CS got a IC-92 too. So we enjoyed several nice contacts in DV mode. For the first time I heard digital voice decoded by my little handy. It isn't like FM but the quality is prety acceptable and it doesn't tire your ears. And it is very cool to watch all this data on your screen like callsign, sort messages or GPS spots during the QSO. Finally you get a feeling that you are crossing a border in communications world. I suppose a similar feeling hams had turning from AM to SSB. In the mean time Denis, SV8RV, who is in W6 land right now, made a lot of noise accessing the SZ1SV repeater from San Francisco. An other milestone! We have just to wait for a D-Star repeater in our area. In the photo you can see also my Eee PC 900 near the IC-E92D on my shack. It is so small and portable that it will be an excellent companion for it. I really feel sorry for all these technophobic folks. They don't know what they really loose. The summer is going...and the sun refuses to get up.

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