Thursday, April 28, 2011

And yet it moves…

There is no doubt that our Sun is finally got alive. There is no need to watch the charts or count the spots any more. The upper bands say everything. Especially the six meters is full of surprises. Magic band justified its nickname at last. Lots of TEP QSO with Africa stations it is a routine during March and April. So we reasonably expect  very good openings during sporadic E season as well. Please join the party.

Accordingly 10m band is in very good shape. Dxpeditions after many years are logging great numbers of QSOs in this band and finally we are hearing them. So everything is more exciting… Good news for our hobby that make us to forget a bit the unpleasant events around the world. 

But let’s focus….


The “gold standard” is obviously a dream. However, what maters is if this dream could  be true.But we must have dreams first, in order to expect to be true.


Well, there are some more steps to be done  to get this goal, but we are still walking, aren’t we?