Friday, January 9, 2009

Chasing E44M and other dx


Just with the breaking of new year we found ourselves chasing DX. Year 2009 came without too many fireworks. There was no mood for celebration during the global economical crisis. Focusing in the ham community we had an other reason not being happy: A snoring sun in its third sleeping year. Nevertheless, even with low propagation, E44M opened the new year dxpedition series. Fortunately this activity takes place in our neighborhood and so even under big pileups, the job was not so difficult for us. Any way the operations are going to end soon, so I wish all the team good luck and safe return home. (pictures taken from E44m dxpedition forum).


But we have more: on January 17 VP8YL, a team of YL will be active from Falkland islands. This is a great event and as we have a Greek lady in the group, SV2KBS Victoria, it makes things even more interesting. I wish them a big success. Finally we have to mention the big event of activation of KP5 (Desecheo) on 12 of February. This is a major dxpedition with well known operators. No doubt it will attract a lot of attention as Desecheo entity is number 5 in the most wanted counties list of 2008. We are anxious to hear them on the air.

So sun willing the new year will make a very good start!