Friday, July 4, 2008


Besides the nice hobby I share with you, I am a physicist. There is a big event that is going to take place very soon in Physics. Probably the biggest physics experiment of all till now. The particle accelerator LHC (the biggest of the world) will start to work in a month at CERN. This huge machine will accelerate protons in two beams with opposite direction and energy of 7TeV each. So the protons collide with the huge energy of 14Tev. The products of collision are new particles, some of them never registered till now. For this job there are four detectors. The biggest of them, called ATLAS (in picture), is a cylinder of 24m diameter and 46m length. The whole machine is in a tunnel 27Km long and 100m below the surface. There is a great probability this time to detect Higgs, the most wanted particle of last decades. Whatever it happens after all, particle physics will get a big kick for sure.
So I could not resist taking the chance to visit CERN and take a look how things are going just before the hugest scientific experiment starts. It was a really unbelievable experience for me and very convenient in the end of this visit to make a little trip from Geneva to Friedrichshafen. More details about that in my coming posts.

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JTankers said...

Sounds like and interesting trip.

Have you read what some scientists are saying about Large Hadron Collider safety?