Friday, November 30, 2007


These guys are really wanted. As soon as the Dxpedition of 6E4LM had announced, I thought that it would be relativity easy to work them. Many operators and enough equipment to activate three full stations. It is a new one for me and so much wanted. But they are there more than a week now and I never heard them. What is going wrong then? I saw some sporadic spots in the cluster mostly from USA stations and that is all. Europe has not heard a whisper yet. I am getting anxious and I have a bad feeling that it will turn out to be very hard for me to make a contact. Does anybody have any info what is going on out there? We urgently need some hope.

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Elmar said...

Hello George!

Indeed a strange thing... I have been looking around for 6E4LM the whole time. Only a few spots during the past week from a few stations on bands without conditions. These spots only came from ZL or W-country.
The latest news on their website is from november 24....

73s, Elmar