Saturday, December 15, 2007

Good news

I gave up with 6E4LM. No chance for me and most Europeans I think. It seems that these guys they have no idea for propagation patterns or they do not like to make QSO with EU. Sorry if I am so bitter but so many days on the air and I have never heard them. Fortunately check my old logs I found out that I have XF4 cfm from some previous expedition. So no big deal.

But the real good news is that I worked E4/OM2DX CW on 40m this morning. This is a real new one for me, and I worked them the real first day of operation. Of course they are in the neighborhood and that makes job quite easier. So now I have 325 countries, just 2 countries away of Honor roll. And 3D2AG/P, Rotuma, it is ante portas…I hope it will show up next days. By the way sun is waking up. December did not have a day without sunspots. It seems that 2008 will be a very interesting one. Happy New Year to every one!

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