Friday, November 23, 2007

Under a sleeping sun

The winter is coming with big paces. The temp outside the shack dropped to one digit numbers and it is very nice sitting in a cosy shack in front of your microphone. The sun is still sleeping and propagation poor. Nobdy knows yet when the 24th cycle will start. So it is a challenge trying to catch a new one. 6E4LM is going to show up in the next hours.

Spiros, SV8CS, is already in Morocco for CQ WW CW contest. They will run the test with Stefano, IK2QEI from Safi with CN3A call. So far all the antennas are up waiting the big event. Check the photo. SV8CS will be also active in 2m and 6m EME as scheduled. I will pass any recent info in the well known chat rooms. So take a look there.

By the way the EPC PSK63 was very cheerful. All the members were present. I made 401 QSO and 511000 points. My best score ever in a PSK contest. Comparing with TARA Rumble I had made only 64 QSO, it was a great deference.

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