Thursday, December 7, 2006


It was a lazy afternoon on shack. Suddenly I saw a cluster spot YS1/HB9KNA. I had my antenna pointing to the EAST looking for VU7LD. I clicked my cat command program just to check the frequency with my FT1000MP MKV without any hope that I could hear anything. But...quite unexpectedly I heard the station booming long path with signals 59. I worked him rather easily among a big pileup.
I had to go to my favorite propagation site to understand the unusual phenomenon. Propagation indexes for today were SFI = 103 A = 22 K = 4. Much more than the previous days. Was that the last breath of 23 cycle or the first one of 24? We shall see soon. Till then, I wish surprises like that happen to you too.

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