Tuesday, December 5, 2006


After a whole fortnight with the antennas to the west, working the 5A7A we have turn them to the east for VU7LD. Both of them are the major expeditions of the end of the year with a lot of interest among hams around the world. The 5A7A was very easy for Greek amateurs mostly because it is in the neighborhood. What a relief after the XF4DL thriller. The VU7DL is easy also even they have not so experienced operators. Propagation to east it is much better and this is helping. Never the less it is a hobby and we all should be cool, making traffic easier. I have made 7 QSO's with 5A7A and 3 QSO's with VU7DL till now. The later will stay there almost all December, so there is plenty of time.
An other recent event that turned out to be very popular, it was the EPC PSK63 QSO PARTY at 19/11/2006. The great number of European participants, most of them members of the club (http://eu.srars.org/), gave to it a festive tone on its first take off. Results are expected just before Xmas.
Good DX to all of you

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