Friday, December 15, 2006

Recent activities

I thought it was time to clean my tuner: a Palstar AT1KM. I have to admit the feeling of a robust construction that hit me at the first glimpse without the cover. I cleaned the coil carefully with isopropyl alcohol even I didn’t see any sign of dirty after a year of service. I put it up together again with that kind of satisfaction that hams experience after any successful job of repair.
But the great event it was my first take off with WSJT. (This is a really marvelous piece of software, nearly magic). Under continuous guidance of the veteran in these modes, my friend SV8CS, I set it up and we had the first QSO in 2m in FSK441. Unfortunately the 8Km distance between us it is incredibly small for such kind of test.
So we activated an other veteran, SV2JT, who lives in Salonica about 400Km away from Zante in straight line. Even between us there are mountains 3000m high the QSO was absolutely unhindered using no more than 8watts and five element beams. We used FSK441 and JT65B. Communication in 2m band with so small power in this season of the year would be impossible with any other mode. Till next meteor scattering that I will try in deep water, I have to give my compliments to K1JT for his great program and my thanks to SV8CS and SV2JL for their help.

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