Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Upgrading to Vista!

I had got a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate one month ago. I hesitated to install it due to several potential issues with software and hardware. Vista upgrade adviser was not so optimistic. Recently I experienced a great failure with my good old one windowsXP. They refuse to boot farther the initial logo. They did not open even in safe mode. After that, I had two options. A: format and install XP again. B: give Vista a chance. I decided to go to the second option. I was prepared for a great adventure and I was very anxious for the results. After a few hours of “heavy” work I show in front of me the band new desktop. Unexpectedly everything went very well. All my programs are working perfectly and the hardware as well. Here it a list of items, mostly of ham interest, that worked without problems just in case that you would like to know.
Software: MixW2 V1.8, DXatlas, Ham radio deluxe, ARSWIN of EA4TX
Hardware: EA4TX PCI card for digital rotation, Netmos PCI parallel and serial ports, Skystar 2 digital TV with a new driver, Canon scanner LIDE 60 with a new driver, HP desljet 970Cxi and phosmart 7960
Actually I did not find any difficulty for the transaction. My compliments to Microsoft. The new operational system is a big step beyond, especially the GUI. There are many differences that you cannot notice in the first glance and they are doing your jobs easier and safer. Do not hesitate to install it. It must be the smoother transaction than ever between operational systems of Microsoft.
So I am looking forward to log SWAIN Island with Vista!