Saturday, April 7, 2007

Things are going better

After Windows Vista successful installation, some other good things happened recently making me happy. First I made the contact with N8S, I was waiting for so eagerly. Actually I spoke with Vagelis SV2BFN in 18.150 on Friday 6 of April. I had only a dipole for this band that turned out to be pretty enough for the job.Vagelis was very cool in spite of all tiredness that such a big project implies. I wish to him and the other members of the team great success. On the top of all them, my flagship FT1000 Mark V Field, thanks to my good friend's Tasos SV8YM treatment, came back to service and took the central place in my shack again. A burned regulator of 5volts in internal power supply was the reason of malfunction. It was delivering only 3.9Volts to the jog dial instead of 5 required with result scanning down continuously. Now it is working perfectly!It took me a couple of days to get familiar with it. Many things were forgotten. It gave me the feeling of a new rig. Tasos I am much obliged to you.
So after a bad start 2007 came back smiling to me. I hope to keep on like this till the end.

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