Friday, April 13, 2007

Get prepared

As spring already started, we are waiting for the first sporadic E openings in 6 and 2 meters. This year we had the idea to install antennas for those bands on the top of a hill almost 500 meters high. In the first snap you can see SV8CS, our gaffer and in the second you see me with the rig on the table. The photos are taken just after installation. There is an other member, absent from any picture. He is SW8KOR and he is responsible for all metal work. Our mast is armed with a 17 elements beam for 2 meters and a 3 elements for 6 meters. No bad for a portable operation. The place is located almost in the highest point of the island and there are no obstacles in any direction.
As our island (ZANTE, KM07KS) is located in south Ionian Sea we expect good results with this setup, especially with European stations and who knows with some DX. So we are anxious now for the first alarm by DX robot.


Anonymous said...

Nice job George.We are also preparing here in the North West part of Greece.This sunday 5 member team will be qrv from KN00LI 1800m asl to prepare the contest test and to the test the new antennas (2x17B2 Cushcraft) so we can be ready for the next contest.Hope to qso with you.73 Leonidas SV2DCD

sv8rx said...

Fine Leo.
The installation will be available during summer. So you can take advantage of it when you came here. Anyway I wish you good opening this year and contacts with many hops...
Regards to Stergios