Saturday, September 3, 2011

As the summer goes bye…

Summer  means for me mostly 6 meters. It is almost traditional to participate every year in the 6m Marathon. This year I worked 71 entities which is a slightly better result than my previous attempts. Here is a graph showing my year by year progress.


I was happy of course that my friend Spiros (SV8CS) took the first place worldwide with 111 countries! Next year we will try again.

Btw I spent the last week of august in London.It was really very refreshing. Take a look at the video. It is taken from the upper deck of a traditional English bus in Bayswater rd, central London.

The fall is coming and so do many major expeditions. Enjoy!

Update: Here is Spiros diploma for 8th Marathon on six meters.

6m MARATHON 2011

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