Friday, August 12, 2011

Slick and efficient

Most of the members of FT group had commented the lack of a remote control program for FT5000, such one that FT2000 already had. It seams that Yaesu was working upon it and today released it. Even though there were several third party options to control the rig from your PC, a native solution is always more interesting.


My first impressions, after playing with it a few hours, are very positive. It is really beautiful and easy to get familiar with. Every button  is working just as the real one on the transceiver. The s-meter is readable in every function. You can use  your right or left click on your mouse to rotate every nob on both directions. Even the menu is accessible remotely.

P.S. You can download it from Yaesu official page. Well done YAESU!!!

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