Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Running the Marathon

Every year I join the Marathon on 6m band. My intentions are not to get first, as I have not the  equipment I would like to, but to have fun and keep an eye on propagation differences year by year as we approach to the circle 24 maximum. Actually I have achieved the following scores:

Year Countries
2007 42
2008 52
2009 61
2010 67 till now

It is obvious that propagation is increasing steadily on magic band. This result is expectable of course, but it is nice to document it by numbers. 


I have to mention here an exceptional QSO I made a couple of days ago with JL8GFB (Man) 9200Km away, using a ringo vertical and 150w. This is exactly all I have in my second QTH I was that morning. I really enjoyed this contact. Here is the cfm in a chat dialog after QSO done.

“06:43    SV8RX George    JL8GFB Man did you copy any other Greek stations this morning?
06:44    JL8GFB Man    SV8RX George tnx QSO, only u and Costas here
06:45    SV8RX George    JL8GFB Ok Man Tnx!
07:03    SV8RX George    JL8GFB Man You have to know that you have very sharp ears. I used only 100w and a ringo vertical antenna!
07:04    JL8GFB Man    SV8RX FB George many tnx for info!”

So nothing is impossible in magic band! Good openings.


SV2HWR said...

Fantastic George keep rocking on magic band with simple setup!

sv8rx said...

Thank you very much for the comment Panteli. Good openings!
73 de SV8RX

HamsLife said...

I have not found a lot of activity on 6 meter but I don't have a lot of time to listen. I have tried to get some local 6 meter CW activity interest but no one seems interested.

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