Monday, March 29, 2010

Talking to Yoshiki


“Hi, I am Yoshiki, 9 years old, living in Yokohama Japan.I have JA-call sign (JF1UCV), and QRV in Japan.I am visit KH0 and am enjoying the contesting from AH0BT with my dad/W1FPU.I like contesting, that's very COOL than Nintendo-DS.-------I am planning to join next CQ WPX SSB contest as SOAB Rookie category. Please call me !!!”

That is exactly how he describes himself in It was a pleasure meet him as KH0UA in the CQ WPX contest last weekend. Personally, I was surprised by his skills dealing with the huge pileups and giving 4 digits numbers. I have a feeling that he will doubtlessly win the Rookie category this year.

Working the test I have to mention the thrill of exchanging numbers with the legendary OH8X, probably the biggest club station in the world!

Good propagation, big numbers!


Panos said...

Εντυπωσιακό, μπράβο στο παιδί και τους γονείς του.
Καλή Ανάσταση και υγεία σε όλους σας.

7L1FPU Kuny said...

Hi, Thnaks you call.

I put the vidro of KH0UA's operation into Youtube.
Please see it !

Now KH0UA grows 10 years old on last week.

de 7L1FPU/Kuny, father of KH0UA/Yoshiki

sv8rx said...

Thank you Kuny for your informative comment. Yoshiki is already a vip in ham radio. I track every of his activities in the net. I wish him a very good luck in his life!

PS: I couldn't manage to work him in WPX but there is plenty of time to meet him some other time.So Happy Bithday Yoshi!