Tuesday, December 1, 2009

After contest

Participating in a contest, so big as CQWW CW, it is always a great experience. Both my station and my location can not compete the big guns but it is always a nice chance to work in cw many dx entities and fill some missing slots. So I made 275 QSO working with long breaks. The 10m band was closed (only 3 contacts). The 15 was the most DX band. The 40 and 20 the most crowded.  Speaking about contest I stopped by  K3LR page to admire a real big gun. Take a look on his operating room and the huge amount of awards on the wall.


I meet him almost in every contest. Recently I got his QSL card via bureau.

KELR1 As CW is not my favorite mode, I should  mention several tools that technology gives to every operator to assist him during the contest. CwSkimer is one of them. Excellent software with tremendous abilities of decoding many calls simultaneously. On the other hand reverse beacons make a great job monitoring the propagation in every band in real time. My friend Denis (SV8RV) has a station  dedicated to these projects, using the QS1R SDR receiver. Denis is living in the same island and his offer is much appreciated. Look for his reports on the sites reversebeacon and pskreporter.


After that you already know that I join every contest proudly assisted!!

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