Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The unbelievable couple

chester1 George (AA7JV) and Tomi (HA7RY). They are already in Chesterfield. We will hear them on the air as TX3A for a month or so. Two men dxpedition focused on low bands as usually. Their style is out of question. Among other they navigate by themselves across the ocean curing rig and fuel in their small boat. During transmission breaks they fish their lunch in the clear sea. They are two but so effective. If they are as successful as with Mellish reef, many other ambitious dxpeditioners should learn from them. I wish them good luck and good luck to me to work them, as TX3A is a new one and I need it badly.

More info in their page.

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HA5X / HG5XA said...

Thanks for the great post. What concerns the comment about Viagra: there are no women on the island, no bordellos, not even pubs. So stiffness is only needed for their radio antennas :-)