Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What a monster

The first month of 2009 had passed without significant deference in propagation. The sun remains still and sleepy. Recently I had the opportunity to check it during the EPC WW DX PSK125 party. Although there was a lot of traffic no dx stations appeared. I only worked ZL3RG, PZ5RA and WP3UX. Under these circumstances you can not compete Russians in this contest. and I do not have the antennas of CCF (Contest Club Finland)… Take a look and admire. Three elements in 160m and on the top five elements on 80m!pu4

And here OH2BH (Martti) next to the rotator of the monster.marti

Anyway even with low propagation conditions dx is present. We worked VP8YL’s successfully and we hopefully wait for K5D  tomorrow. And we have the CQ WPX RTTY CONTEST  this weekend. So fun is all around…

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