Monday, December 1, 2008


Last weekend of November! The CQ WW CW contest keeps alive the radio amateur bands. I am not really fond of CW mode. I never hid my love for the digital modes, mostly PSK. On the other hand with SCIMMER and so many decoders in our disposal, CW became just another digital mode. Still it remains the only one that human brain can decode. What machine can not handle, brain helps and the one confirms the other. So the game becomes more interesting, at least for guys like me who are not skilled cwers. With these thoughts in mind I decided to join the test this year. My tool was the MixW2, updated to the v2.19 beta. It run all the contest faultlessly.
I made more than 2 hundred QSO. I worked easily rare DX entities that otherwise it would be very difficult to work. I give you a small list: PJ2T, D4C, KP2M, HC8N, B1Z, AH2T, 3X5A, 5H3EE, 9J3A. Also I worked many stations from USA, Japan and Africa. I spent a really great time. Well maybe my score was low but I had a great time... and I found out that finally my dicision was right.

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