Wednesday, September 26, 2007

And now what?

"The on-line log has now been updated to include all QSOs up to 03:31Z today, when 3B7C closed down. There are now 135,718 QSOs in the log....Thank you for all your kind comments on the DXpedition and your good wishes for the team's safe return. I have passed these on and they have been much appreciated by the team."With those words the pilot station of 3B7C wrote the epilogue of this tremendous dxpedition. In our island, Zante, 6 stations have worked them. Their calls are: SV8CS 24, SV8RX 23, SV8KOK 10, SV8DOU 8, SV8KOM 8 and SV8AXZ 1. The first 5 of them succeeded to get in the 100 Greek list. All these days, that it lasted, we had a lot of fun, trying to work as many slots as possible. We are all good friends and during this contest type event we had a lot of bets. So we are going to meet now to analyze the results and celebrate our achievement drinking lager.
And now what is next? What else the huge CQ WW RTTY Contest during this weekend. So I have again to shout the well known cry: See you in the pile ups!!!

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