Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Friedrichshafen! Part 2

"For three days Friedrichshafen was the meeting place for amateur radio operators around the globe: 18,100 visitors from as far away as Australia and California came to the HAM RADIO, which finished on Sunday", with these words the organizers of exhibition commented the end of the event. A huge number of visitors indeed. One of them was me! You can get more infos and pictures in ham radio fest page: http://www.hamradio-friedrichshafen.de
But let me continue my story. Nest day, Saturday, I decided to visit the second section which was occupied by the great firms and shops they represented them. YAESU, ICOM KENWOOD TEN TEC and others were there. Big shops as WIMO, APPELLO, CONRAND participated also. All the new equipment in front of you. Too many things to see and admire.
I had a plan coming here: to try to find if it were possible to buy an ACOM1000. I was not quite sure that they would have any in stock. This fantastic amplifier became my dream for the last two years. So I was very anxious snooping around the shops to spot one. Finally I was lucky! I found it in WIMO and after a 2 minutes purchase negotiation, and with the help of a little trailer they borrowed me, I had it in the trunk of my car. After that I was quite happy and everything I show henceforth, it looked to me more beautiful.
I admired the new TEN TEC OMNI VII and ORION II, I loved the famous HIBERLING, I impressed with FLEX radio 5000 and so many other masterpieces of nowadays technology.
In the same place I found the kiosks of amateur associations and clubs, ARRL, DARC, BAVARIAN CONTEST CLUB, RAAG and several others. In the kiosk of RAAG , I met a lot of greek hams that came all the way from Greece just to join this great fest. At noon we traditionally consumed a lot of wurst and bier and we exchanged promises for the next year to come back again.
The fest would close next day but Nick and me we decided that we had seen already enough and that it was time to return back to St Genis before getting dark. Well, not before visiting the campus with those terrible vehicles that amateurs from all over the Europe came along with. Those were our last impressions. Soon we left behind us this amazing place and with our precious cargo in the trunk we got the way back.

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