Thursday, June 7, 2007

Greek Hamfest

Last Sunday the Greek hamfest took place in Athens. Organized by RAAG in a new place this year, it left us generally good impressions. We met there lot of hams all around the country. Eyeball qso with SV1GH, SV1BLD,SV2JT, SV3XO, SV3HK, SV3KH, SV3ALA, SV2DCD, SV9ANK, SV9GPV, SV9GPJ and many others. Nice place, nice people, nice time. Four hams from Zante Island travel to Athens to join this event: SV8RX, SV8KOM, SV8AXZ and SV8RV. We came back with cheerful memories and some goods we found there. Next hamfest I visit it will be a very big one: the European Hamfest in Friedrichshafen. Keep tuned.

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