Thursday, May 3, 2007

BS7H challenge

The most crowded DXpedition of the year. Very difficult to work it in Europe and USA I think. Only Japan was happy I am afraid. Making alive a so rare entity it is really a mess. Lot of QRM makers all the time in the frequency and huge split rage made things worse. On the other hand I realize how difficult the situation was for the team upon these tiny rocks. Somebody said that Scarborough reef will disappear soon due to the warming effect of the planet. So it was the last chance to work it. I did it only on 17m SSB and 20m SSB so far, spending several hours of shouting. Now only two days (I will try 15m tomorrow) of operation have left. I wish them good luck and safe journey back.

PS. The contact in 15m finally done!
The snap is from the
1995 expedition.

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