Friday, December 30, 2011

Breaking News

FT-DX-5000Yaesu splits from Motorola!!

At least all the Amateur radio division comes back to the original owner. The news goes around the world. I paste here from RRRL pages the following:

“After four years under the Motorola umbrella, Yaesu has split from that company. According to Vertex Standard President and Chief Executive Officer Jun Hasegawa, effective January1, 2012, Motorola will keep the Vertex Standard Land-Mobile Division, while the amateur, marine and air-band will be under the Yaesu Musen banner. The new company will be known as Yaesu USA here in the US.

“This reorganization will allow us to concentrate in amateur, marine and air-band business, which will better leverage and align the strengths of our entire business operation,” Hasegawa said in a press release dated December 27. “We believe that there is an exciting opportunity to evolve our organization to meet the needs of the Amateur Radio, Marine equipment and air band telecommunication industries by continuing to provide specialized services and the highest quality products.”

Hasegawa explained that the new company’s name will be Yaesu Musen, “a name our business partners have been familiar with for over 50 years. We are delighted to bring you the legacy of trust, quality and solid customer service that has always been associated with the Yaesu Musen company name.”

While Yaesu Musen will have a new Japanese address, the address and phone numbers -- as well as the US operations and sales organization -- for Yaesu USA will not change. Dennis Motschenbacher, K7BV, will remain in charge of Yaesu USA’s sales division.”

2012 will be a different year for sure…..

Thursday, December 29, 2011


MD200DUALCOREThis is my MD 200 microphone recently modified by SV8YM, adding a new  FET electret mic element to it, suggested by W2ENY. (You can see in the picture the small element installed on the top of the original one). So in the same microphone I have two options now. The only thing I have to do now is to change position on the small switch located on the base of MD 200A8X in order to have modulation A or B. The tests of new element are very promising, delivering a very decent audio. The whole modification is quite easy and inexpensive. I have to give my compliments to YAESU that had this nice idea in the first place adding this option to their top quality microphone.

Have a Happy and prosperous dx New Year.